The Double Drop Challenge

When I started DJing, back in about 2000 (wow, that makes me feel so old…) everything was pretty much vinyl. If you wanted to be a serious DJ, you bought vinyl decks (Technics 1210s were the standard). In those days the most important skill you needed to have was beatmatching – you needed to be able to get the two records playing at exactly the same speed.

I started out with trance music, and each tune was roughly the same: you had a fairly long intro, then the main riff / breakdown etc, then a fairly long outro. So DJing was basically just a matter of stitching together the intros and outros.

These days, technology has changed all that – especially in drum & bass. Software can analyse a tune, get its BPM in a few seconds, and automatically match another tune. So much is taken care of for you. Learning to beatmatch is not nearly as important as it used to be – in fact, with modern software, you could probably do fine without learning to beatmatch at all.

Anyway, back in the day some DJs became known for ‘double dropping’ – that is, playing two tunes together so they both kick in (or ‘drop’) at the same point. This is something especially associated with drum & bass. In those days you had to be some sort of godlike genius to do it – but, now, anyone can do it thanks to technology.

Which got me thinking. Is it possible now to do a mix so that you’ve got two tunes playing together THE ENTIRE TIME?!!

I’m thinking that this might be a good challenge for my next podcast: let’s see if I can complete the double drop challenge…

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