Episode #12: SPECIAL “End of year favourites” (Sept 2020)

Well it’s done – 12 episodes, done and dusted. To commemorate the occasion, here’s a mix with some of my favourite standout tunes from the last year, along with a few new ones. It’s heavier on the neuro side of things than these podcasts usually are, so hope you like that kind of thing…

Thanks to everyone who’s joined me on the journey for the past few months – and here’s to another 12 months of dnb!


Teddy Killerz – Dominus (Original Mix)
Kanine – Prophecy
TR Tactics – Outlander (Original Mix)
Kryptomedic, Kutlo, Humanon – Burning Cities (feat. Kryptomedic) (Instinkt Remix)
Gilas, Aznok – DSTR (Original Mix)
Kursiva – Nasty (Original Mix)
Clashtone – Flicker
Annix – Head Shot (Original Mix)
Shimon, Benny L – Monsters (Sub Zero remix)
Nais, Teddy Killerz – Bun Dem (Original Mix)
State Of Mind – Foul Play (Original Mix)
Maztek – Shake The Foundation (RedPill Remix)
Kutlo – Luck Powder (Original Mix)
Serum, Original Sin – Earth Rot (Original Sin Remix)
Teddy Killerz – Excited (Original Mix)
Katharsys – Magnitude (Disprove Remix)
Burr Oak – Do Androids Dream (Original Mix)
Malux – Hideout
Katharsys – Galactic Subduction (Sinister Souls Remix)
Burr Oak – Roots Of Evil (Original Mix)
Mob Tactics – Eject (Original Mix)
The Clamps – Cats On Acid (Original Mix)
Mizo, HELO – Intergalactic feat. Helo (Original Mix)
Black Sun Empire – Swarm (Posij Remix)
Dub Elements, Kolt – Flamenco (Juno Remix)
Prolix and Malux featuring She Koro – Who Knows
Audio – Scanners (Prolix Remix)
Maztek, Optiv, Aeph – What You Got (Optiv Remix)
Murdock, Doctrine – Acid Howl (Current Value Remix)
Black Sun Empire – Stranger (Neonlight Remix)
S9 – Together (Original Mix)
Kasra – Umami (Original Mix)
Black Sun Empire, Prolix – The Message VIP (Original Mix)
Crissy Criss, Teddy Killerz – Mutation (Crissy Criss Remix)
Cod3x – Ravioli (Original Mix)
Black Sun Empire, Nymfo – Surge Engine

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