Spotify and Copyright issues

Firstly, please let me say a big “sorry” to those of you who use Spotify: it seems that they deleted this podcast (without any warning, or without even letting me know) a couple of days ago. They have form with this – I used to host this podcast with (who are owned by Spotify) – and they did the same thing a few months ago, which led me to start self-hosting this podcast.

I think – although I don’t know for sure, because they haven’t told me – the problem is copyright: obviously a DJ mix is using copyrighted tunes. In the old days, before the internet, people could give out and copy mix tapes and CDs, and no-one really paid any attention. These days, it’s a minefield. The problem is that independent DJs don’t have the clout to be able to clear every single tune to include in a mix – the big players like the BBC can do this, but not me!

After some investigation, I have found that a lot of DJs are using Soundcloud, and Soundcloud has come to an agreement with the record labels so that artists still get their royalties with DJ mixes. Consequently I have started hosting the podcast on Soundcloud.

For those of you who subscribe to this podcast in Apple, Google, etc – wherever you subscribe at the moment, it shouldn’t make a difference because the podcast should automatically update.

I have also resubmitted the podcast to Spotify, and it is now available there – but who knows if it will get deleted again. Obviously the mix is legal if it gets played on SoundCloud, but not necessarily legal if it gets played through Spotify. This is why copyright is a minefield and really needs to be fixed for a digital age!

Basically, I’m really sorry for all this messing around. My advice is, if you can, stay away from Spotify because you never know when this podcast will completely disappear. At the moment it seems to be fairly reliable on all the others.

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